In an attempt to keep things simple & affordable, Playograf bill you based on your website(s) usage.

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You are billed based on your consumption

Pricing Calculator

MLB has the busiest calendar. There are 2430 MLB games in a regular season over a 6 months period. Let's calculate your monthly cost based on the busiest time of the year.

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Please not that this is only an estimate that can fluctuate based on your traffic.

What is considered an action?

An action is an event that measure your consumption. It is incremented anytime an the widgets load or updated data. Here are some examples of events that would increment the action count by 1 for the months.

  • When a user visits a page and the widget loads
  • When the user browse your website and the widget updates live scores
  • When the user interacts with a widget that updates the information (change date)

Your monthly action count is reset to 0 on the first day of your billing cycle.

Why do you use this pricing model?

For a long time, I was looking for my own sports API to create widgets for other sports website I owned. I quickly realized how expensive it was. For example, at broadage sports the minimum monthly payment is 499$/months. It can make sense if you have a good business going, but what if you're just starting out? That's when I decided to create Playograf. To democratize the access to sports data.

By measuring your usage, we make sure that everyone can have access to the same quality of data at an affordable price.

Example #1

John Doe has a blog on his home team, the Blue Jays. He gets 80 page views per day. During the games, the traffic peaks to an average of 3 users writing comments on the games.

  • 30 days x 80 page views = 2.4k actions
  • 400 monthly games x 150 live updates x 3 average users = 180k actions
  • Finally, the users will have changed the dates 50 times to view previous dates scores = 0.05k actions

Based on that information, a total of 182k actions where made. 182k (total actions) / 100k (10$ blocks) = 1.83. The first 100k actions are free so the total cost for John for that month will be 10$.

Example #2

Fun Baseball Inc. averages 10 000 page views per days with an average of 10 users browsing the website at peak traffic during the games that will load a widget. For the 30 days period, 300 MLB games where played. we can estimate that:

  • 30 days x 10 000 page views = 300k actions
  • 400 games x 150 live updates x 10 average users = 600k actions
  • Finally, the users will have changed the dates 2000 times to view previous dates scores = 2k actions

Based on that information, a total of 632k actions where made. 632k (total actions) / 25k (10$ blocks) = 25.23. The total cost for Fun Baseball Inc. for that month will be 260$ (25.23 rounded up x 10).

No Development Effort

No technical skills required. Simply copy and paste our code snippets to your website and get our widgets working under 5 minutes.

Flexible Pricing

Our competition charges hundreds of dollars per month for similar services. With our flexible payment structure, you only pay for what you use. Pay as low as 10$/month!

Risk Free

Try our widgets 100% risk free. Every month, the first 1000 actions are on us. Once you subscribe, cancel at any time with no strings attached.